FabLab Winam


Welcome to FabLab Winam – an open-access laboratory for creative fabricators, artists, scientists, Engineers, educators, students, amateurs, and professionals of all ages the goal is to distribute manufacturing, research, and education. We are a part of a network of over 1000 labs all over the world.

We have a customized set of tools and machines that enable to make and easily replicate designs made by other members of the network.

Our wealth lies in people and community that is why we invest in empowering our community with knowledge. We uphold a culture of collaboration, creativity and localization.

 What we do

We provide access to makers and innovators at different levels of expertise from beginner to expert to share our tools, machines coupled with technical and business training for them to establish a clear path from ideation to deployment to market.

We also have a chain of custom-made products and designs for sale. Our facility also has a team of expert designers and Engineers who are outsourced to design products for companies and industries.